Camera filters and filter supports

High-pass, low-pass, band-pass filter filters to suppress light disturbances, MIDOPT

EFFILUX bietet verschiedene Filter an : high-pass, low-pass and band-pass.

Man muss die Filter vor der Kamera schrauben. Man erhält also keine Fremdlich auf dem Sensor sondern nur die Strahlung von der Beleuchtung.

- Filters available -

Filters recommended by Effilux for classic applications:


- -

XXXXX : Type of filter
MYYY : Filter size

All filter references are available, Liste der verfügbaren Filter.

> STEP UP und STEP DOWN Adapters

If necessary, STEP UP and STEP DOWN adapters are also available to adapt each filter to the objectives. All sizes are available, in particular:

MIDOPT step up and step down camera filter adapters

Auf Lager : SU27-30.5, SD27-25.5, SU25.5-27, SD30.5-27.

Adapter Bezeichnung Beschreibung
SU27-30.5 EFFO-FLR-SU27-30.5 M30.5-Filter -> M27-Kamera
SD27-25.5 EFFO-FLR-SD27-25.5 M25.5-Filter -> M27-Kamera
SU25.5-27 EFFO-FLR-SU25.5-27 M27-Filter -> M25.5-Kamera
SD30.5-27 EFFO-FLR-SD30.5-27 M27-Filter -> M30.5-Kamera

- Filter holders for camera -

EFFILUX also offers filter holders for any camera that does not have a "C" mount.

Thanks to this accessory, whose diameter is 25.5, you can adapt a multitude of filters (see above) on your camera.

In order to adapt larger diameter filters, EFFILUX offers different adapters available above.

Filter holder only

support filtres caméra cognex

Example of filter holder (with filters)
for IN-SIGHT 2000 camera

Cognex camera filter support to adapt a multitude of filters on your device.

Part number : EFFO-FLR-XXX-M25.5
XXX : part number of camera

logo infoExample of part number for IN-SIGHT 2000 camera (COGNEX) : EFFO-FLR-IS2000-M25.5

- EFFI-FD with integrated filter -

Effilux propose an optional black collar with integrated thread to add a M40.5 filter on it.
This accessory is compatible with EFFI-FD with camera hole of diameter 39mm.

Part number : EFFM-FD-COL-BLACK : black collar with thread for filter

You can also directly order the polarizer kit : EFFO-FD-POL-KIT-M40.5
Contents : EFFM-FD-COL-BLACK + EFFO-FLR-PR032-M40.5

Effilux propose an optional black collar with integrated thread to add a M40.5 filter on it.

- Zugehörige Elemente -