Free Value-added Online Services

To overcome some of the challenges in light of the current pandemic, EFFILUX remains committed to providing high-quality products & services and offering the following convenient free online services:

- Online Feasibility Studies -

Having difficulties to get the desired result or unable to perform necessary tests on site?
Our professional sales engineers could manage it on your behalf.

1. Contact us at

2. Review application details (by email, phone, web conference, whichever is most convenient for you)

3. Send the inspection object

4. Perform feasibility studies

5. Provide the best possible solutions

- Online Training & Product Demonstration -

Thinking to equip your staffs with extensive lightings, optics and product knowledge that could apply to your business?
Interested in some of our products or technologies but not sure how it works and/or if it suits your project?
We will do the job and help you get the best out of it.

1. Contact us at

2. Review training/project objectives and schedule a date of your convenience

3. Enjoy your coffee while learning from our experts

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