EFFE-QUAD Convenient adaptor for multi-lighting applications

EFFILUX EFFE-QUAD Convenience adaptor for multi-lighting applications

EFFE-QUAD is an electronic adaptor designed to offer easy connection of up to 4 EFFILUX lights to a stereovision system. It simplifies wiring by managing the power supply and the trigger signal of each light independently.

The standard DIN rail mechanical design allows easy fitting into an electrical cabinet.
It is compatible with all EFFILUX lights with standard M12 connector and PNP trigger mode.


  • Adaptor for 4-light applications, for instance EFFI-Square
  • Power supply and trigger signal of each light can be managed independently
  • Easy-to-use with any industrial camera with an NPN trigger output
  • Standard DIN rail box for easy installation
  • Compatible with all EFFILUX lights with an M12 connector and PNP trigger mode
  • Ideal to use with CCS Light Sequence Switch for computational imaging

User manual

Adaptor Characteristics CAD
EFFE-QUAD 4 channels, LxWxH 114x120x35mm. Response time: 1 μs.
Animation permettant d'observer le fonctionnement d'une application de l'Effi-Square | Utilisation en Stéréo photométrique - Utilisé pour la vision industrielle et le contrôle qualité.