EFFI-Flex-LG Barre de LED logistique, ultra haute puissance.

  • Ultra-high power thanks to MegaStrobeTM technology
  • Ultra-fast: pulses up to 500µs duration and 150Hz frequency with <1µs response time.
  • Flexibility: Pre-set lens and diffuser positioning slots allow easy adjustment of the angle of illumination, diffuser type, and accessories such as polarizers
  • Embedded smart driver
  • Integrated boosters for low power consumption
  • Bar lengths in increments of 200mm from 200mm to 3m
  • Available wavelengths: Red (625nm), Blue (465nm), Infrared (850nm), White (5500K ± 500K)
  • Standard T-slot fixing and M12 cable for simple plug & play installation
  • Optical, electrical, and mechanical customization to fit specific needs

Designed specifically as a cost-efficient lighting solution for the logistics industry, the EFFI-Flex-LG bar light combines ultra-high-power with the flexibility needed for any machine vision lighting requirement in warehouse management.

Easy adjustment of the lens position and diffuser characteristics of the light brings the flexibility to provide the ideal balance of intensity and uniformity over a wide field of view to suit the needs of code reading, label checking, dimensioning, sortation, tunnel scanning, pick & pack, palletising applications, and other automated operations in logistics.

Continuous vs Megastrobe (200µs)

Thanks to new MegaStrobeTM technology, short, ultra-high intensity light pulses can be delivered at high frequencies with a fast response time of <1µs. Even small details on fast-moving large packages can be captured with high contrast and no blurring.

The versatile EFFI-Flex-LG is available in lengths from 200mm to 3m and a choice of 4 different wavelengths, making it easy to choose the best configuration for the application. An embedded smart driver simplifies camera and code reader interfacing, while integrated boosters limit the power consumption. Industry standard cabling and connectors are used for plug & play installation in any warehouse location.