With a thickness of 15mm and thin edge design, EFFI-SBL offers space-saving advantages and maximizes the area of illumination that can have significant impact on machine vision system with limited space.
Thanks to its high uniformity and anti-reflective coating - that absorbs reflections of unnecessary lighting around the system - the product achieves more than 90% uniformity, making it easy obtain an image with excellent contrast, without any hot spot. his backlight is ideal for machine vision inspection, as detections (presence/absence), size & shape measurements, positioning, ...

  • Small, space-saving backlight with thin edges and 15mm thick
  • Complies with IP67 standard for protection against water and dust
  • Wide range of standard sizes: from 25mm to 200mm
  • Possibility of tailor-made mechanics
  • Dimmable driver integrated (in the product or on the cable) and standard M12 cable
  • Wavelengths: white, red, infrared (850nm) (other wavelengths are available on request)
  • Easily customizable: mechanically, optically and electronically

Logo 90% Homogénéité
Effilux EFFI-SBL IP67 Petit Rétroéclairage für das System der Bildverarbeitung und der Antipoussière

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optical width (mm) optical length (mm) Available wavelengths (nm)
Available options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

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- Dimensionen -

YYY : optische Länge (mm)
XXX : optische Breite (mm) (mit kabel) 25

Effilux EFFI-SBL IP67 kleine Hintergrundbeleuchtung für wasserdichtes und staubdichtes Bildverarbeitungssystem

Bezeichnung: EFFI-SBL-XXX-YYY...

Ihr Browser unterstützt leider nicht <canvas>. : EFFI-SBL standard
Ihr Browser unterstützt leider nicht <canvas>. : EFFI-SBL halbkundenspezifisch (längere Verzögerung und keine Gravur)
Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns für andere Dimensionen zu kontaktieren.

logo info Die ⚈ entsprechen EFFI-SBL mit Treiber am Kabel. Bei den anderen Dimensionen befindet sich der Treiber im Produkt.
EFFILUX bietet externe Treiberlösungen an. Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns für externe Treiberlösungen zu kontaktieren.

- verfügbare Wellenlängen -

Weiß (T°= 5700 k ± 700 K)
ZZZ : Wellenlänge (nm)

Bezeichnung : EFFI-SBL-XXX-YYY-ZZZ

Die Zeichnungen und das Gewicht der Produkte finden Sie auf der Seite mit den technischen Unterlagen.

presentation of EFFI-SBL and BL to show their difference in thickness


Sealing Thickness Size available Available colors
Standard version
43,20mm 50-50 to 1500-1500, in steps of 50mm White, Red, Blue, Green, IR (850nm)
EFFI-SBL 15mm 25-25 to 200-200, in 25mm steps White, Red , IR (850nm)

logo infoEFFILUX offers you the EFFI-SBL in all dimensions from 25mmx25mm to 200mmx200mm in 25mm increments (except the EFFI-SBL-175-175). For any intermediate or larger EFFI-SBL, please contact Effilux.

> Option: IP69K version of EFFI-SBL

Sealing Thickness Size available Materials used
Standard version
15mm 25-25 to 200-200, in 25mm steps, Customizable Anodized aluminum
Stainless steel version
15mm 25-25 to 200-200, in 25mm steps, Customizable Stainless steel

Presentation of the two different small backlights of the EFFILUX range, the EFFI-SBL and the EFFI-SBL-IP69K INOX.

- Anschlusss -

The EFFI-SBL is supplied directly at 24V DC via an M12 - 5 pins. Attention, the AIC pin must be connected.

Characteristics of the 5-pin M12 connector used to power the Effi-BL for machine vision and quality control
Contact number Cable color Description
1 Brown +24V
2 White N/A
3 Blue GND
4 Black AIC:
5 Grey N/A

- AIC control -

> Control range

The EFFI-SBL is available with different AIC control ranges: 0-5V, 0-10V and 0-24V.

To modify the control range, add 5V, 10V or 24V depending on the desired range at the end of the reference.

Part number: EFFI-SBL-XXX-YYY-ZZZ-5V

> Operation

Graphic representing the light produced by an Effi-SBL according to the current received thanks to a DIM pin - Used for machine vision and quality control

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Kundenspezifische Elektronik

Polarizer, Collimated Film

Other connector position

Custom sizes and shapes

Für alle anderen Anfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an EFFILUX.

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EFFI-BL LED backlight.