EFFI-Sharp V2 is the new high power LED projector from EFFILUX. It projects disks, squares or other custom shapes to illuminate objects at short or long distance from 20mm to 2m.

Compared to its predecessor EFFI-Sharp, it offers power up to 10 times greater and the possibility of interchanging masks easily.

There are 2 versions of EFFI-Sharp V2, each one offers different electronic and mechanical characteristics according to your needs: Dissipated version: EFFI-Sharp-PSV & Compact version: EFFI-Sharp-CPT

Lighting suitable for fast video

EFFI-sharp v2 highly powerful LED projector, homogeneous and focused short or long distance for industrial vision and quality control.



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Version LED pattern Optical lens Available wavelengths (nm) Mask
Available options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

- Genaue Information -

- Power Version & Goals -

> LED pattern

WWW : Bezeichnungen of LED board MX1 MX2
Board EFFI-Lase-V2 Carte LED matrice 1 driver Square LED EFFI-Lase-V2 Carte LED matrice 2 drivers Square LED
Number of driver(s) 1 driver 2 drivers
Operating mode Continuous or Strobe Continuous or Strobe

Bezeichnungen :
Passive dissipation version : EFFI-Sharp-PSV-WWW...
Compact version : EFFI-Sharp-CPT-WWW...

- Versions, working distances and lenses -

XX : objective Working distances (Typical) Illuminance
NF (Near Field) 80mm to 3000mm (100mm) 2 000 000Lux
MF (Middle Field) 420mm to 3000mm (500mm) 90 000Lux
FF (Far Field) 350mm to 3000mm (1000mm) 20 000Lux
To adjust a C-mount lens.

Bezeichnungen :
Passive dissipation version : EFFI-Sharp-PSV-WWW-XX...
Compact version : EFFI-Sharp-CPT-WWW-XX...

XX : NF (Near Field), MF (Middle Field) or FF (Far Field)
If not mentioned, default NF lens.

> C-mount Lenses

The EFFI-Sharp-CPT-CM and EFFI-SHARP-PSV-CM is designed to use with a C-Mount (M25.4) projection lens. The projector does not include a lens. EFFILUX offers a wide range of suitable lenses, for more information please refer to our page Lenses. Please refer to the data sheet to determine the optimal size of the projected pattern according to your chosen lens.

logo infoIn order to avoid any distortion effect, EFFILUX recommends using a lens for 1 "sensor. Example of the main adapted 1" references offered by Effilux:

EFFO-KW-6-F1.8-1"-HR-CM EFFO-KW-8-F1.4-1"-HR-CM EFFO-RC-12.5-F1.8-1"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-16-F1.4-1"-HR-CM EFFO-VS-25-F1.4-1"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-35-F1.4-1"-HR-CM EFFO-RC-50-F1.4-1"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-75-F1.8-1''-HR-CM
Focal length (mm) 6 8 12.5 16 25 35 50 75
Aperture of the diaphragm F1.8 F1.4 F1.8 F1.4 F1.4 F1.4 F1.4 F1.8
Viewing angle (HxV) 96.8°x79.4° 79.4°x63° 55.5° 44.3°x33.6° 16.1° x 19.0° 20.9°x15.8° 14.4° 9.7° x 7.3°
Filter mount x M55 P=0.75 M40.5 P=0.5 M35.5 P=0.5 M27 P=0.5 M35.5 P=0.5 M46 P=0.75 M46 P=0.75

- verfügbare Wellenlängen -

Farbe UV Blau Grün Rot IR Weiß
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
ZZZ : Wellenlänge (nm) 405 465 525 625 850 000

Bezeichnungen :
Passive dissipation version : EFFI-Sharp-PSV-WWW-XX-ZZZ...
Compact version : EFFI-Sharp-CPT-WWW-XX-ZZZ...

- Mask -

Mask Representation of the EFFI-Sharp projection of the shape of a square with rounded corners. Representation of the EFFI-Sharp projection of the shape of a circle. Representation of the EFFI-Sharp projection of the shape of a half-moon.
M : shape number 1 2 3
Masks dimensions 9x9mm Ø15.1mm R = 9.5mm

Bezeichnungen :
Passive dissipation version : EFFI-Sharp-PSV-WWW-XX-ZZZ-M
Compact version : EFFI-Sharp-CPT-WWW-XX-ZZZ-M

M : 1, 2 or 3
For custom shape, please contact us.

- Additional options -

> Option: Polarizer

Using the Polarizer accessory, it is possible to eliminate glare from the workpiece making it easier to acquire a suitable image for the application with no hot spot.

Bezeichnungen :
Passive dissipation version : EFFI-Sharp-PSV-WWW-XX-ZZZ-M-POL
Compact version : EFFI-Sharp-CPT-WWW-XX-ZZZ-M-POL

POL : Polarisationsfilter
If polarizer, add -POL in the Bezeichnungen

Vision of a camera lit by a standard Effi-FD for industrial vision and quality control Vision of a camera lit by an Effi-FD equipped with a Polarizer for industrial vision and quality control

Die Zeichnungen und das Gewicht der Produkte finden Sie auf der Seite mit den technischen Unterlagen.

- EFFI-SHARP-V2 mechanical versions -

Sealing Passive cooling Integrated driver Compact Corp Direct current supply (no protection)
Passive Dissipation Version
Compact version

logo infoFixing:
EFFI-SHARP-PSV: Four standard M5x0.8 holes can be used to fix the device. To fix the EFFI-Sharp PSV, the Ball joint type "Elcom" (EFFM-1-0009) is the most suitable.
EFFI-SHARP-CPT: Five M4x0.8 holes can be used to fix the device. To fix the EFFI-Sharp CPT, the Ball joint type "Elcom" (EFFM-1-0002) is the most suitable.

- EFFI-Sharp v2 version -

There are two versions of the EFFI-Sharp V2:
- EFFI-Sharp-PSV: Version with passive dissipation - M12 - 5 pins: With integrated driver
- EFFI-Sharp-CPT: Compact version - M8 - 8 pins: Without driver. Current is applied directly to the LEDs via an external controller.

Representation of the advantages and strengths of EFFI-Sharp-PSV
Representation of the advantages and disadvantages of using an EFFI-Sharp-CPT.

- EFFI-SHARP-PSV version (M12) -

> Connectivity

The EFFI-Sharp-PSV is directly supplied with 24V DC via an M12 - 5 pins.

Characteristics of the 5-pin M12 connector used to power the Effi-Sharp V2 for machine vision and quality control
Pin number Designation Cable color
1 +24V Brown
3 GND Blue
5 AIC Analogue intensity control Grey

logo infoAttention, unlike EFFI-Smart, the EFFI-Sharp-PSV only has 2 modes of operation: Autostrobe PNP as well as Autostrobe NPN.
The AIC pin is used to adjust the high value of the Autostrobe.

> AutoStrobe Operation

Contact arrangement
Pin 1:
Pin 2:
Pin 3:
Pin 4:
Pin 5:
Not connected
PNP ( >3VDC)
AIC signal or Not connected*
NPN trigger (<1.5V DC)
Not connected
AIC signal or Not connected*

N.B: For the strobe mode please respect a duty cycle (DC) lower than 0,30.

logo info* The "AIC" value can be set via the signal on pin 5.
If it is not connected, the EFFI-Sharp-PSV will work as if it were connected to 24V:

- EFFI-SHARP-CPT version (M8) -

The compact version of the EFFI-Sharp V2 allows:

- Very high power strobe possible
- Direct control via your own power supply
- Pulse Controller: EFFILUX offers you, thanks to EFFI-IPSC4 LED Controller, to be able to manage, according to your needs, the intensity and duration of the strobes of your EFFI-Sharp-CPT.

The LEDs are supplied live, the maximum current defined in the documentation for a frequency and a given pulse time cannot be exceeded.

- Optical accessories -

- Mechanische Zubehör -

- Electronic accessories -

- auf Anfrage erhältlich -

Tailor-made mask

Für alle anderen Anfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an EFFILUX.

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EFFI-Sharp V2 Leistungsstarker und homogener Projektor.