Elektronische Zubehör Netzteile


EFFILUX bietet Netzteile für alle Beleuchtungen an: Standard oder Custom abhängig von Ihrem Bedarf.

Bezeichnung Spezifikationen CAD + DRAWING
EFFI-PWR-050W-24V-102-XX 1 Kanal - M12, 50W / 24V - 2A
EFFI-PWR-050W-24V-302-XX 3 Kanäle - M12, 50W / 24V - 2A
EFFI-PWR-100W-24V-102-XX 1 Kanal - M12, 100W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-100W-24V-302-XX 3 Kanäle - M12, 100W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-102-XX 1 Kanal - M12, 200W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-112-XX 1 Kanal - M12 PWR, 200W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-302-XX 3 Kanäle - M12, 200W / 24V - 8A

XX (Steckdose) : UK, CH, EU, US. Weitere Konfigurationen möglich auf Anfrage.

logo info Die Einstellung der Lichtintensität über das Potentiometer ist im TMS-Bereich nur auf Anfrage verfügbar.


Power supplies - Allows you to power and control the light intensity of the products by varying the voltage - Available in custom-made

EFFILUX offers a simple and compact EFFI-SPWR power supply to power an EFFILUX product. It is compatible with all standard M12 lighting (4 or 5 pins).

Its switch for controlling the value of the 0V or 24V signal makes it suitable for all versions of EFFILUX drivers.

The EFFI-SPWR is directly supplied with a mains plug cable of your choice.

Part number Characteristics DRAWING
EFFI-SPWR-090W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12 - 5 pins, 90W / 24V – 3.75A

XX (type of outlet): UK, CH, EU, US. Other connectors on request.


To supply several products simultaneously and be able to control their light intensities, EFFI-PWR is recommended.

- Custom -

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