March 2020

Having difficulty finding the perfect & stable contrast for your applications?

Lighting plays a very important role for machine vision imaging. The right lighting creates the perfect light-dark contrast and makes the important details visible.

Which wavelength: UV, Visible, IR, etc?

Which form factor: Backlight, Direct, Coaxial, etc?

Which camera filters: Band-pass, Long-pass, Linear polarizer, etc?

And the list goes on.

EFFILUX offers convenient services to help you overcome your imaging challenges.

Feasibility Test

Simply send us your workpiece and we will work out the optimal image for you.

Loans of standard product

Try the changeable configurations of our flexible & powerful standard products in your own facilities.

Testing room

From highly skilled engineers to well-equipped facilities. We have everything you need.

Customization & Tailor-made solutions

From design to implementation, leverage our expertise in lighting and optics to design a custom solution that fulfills the diverse and complex requirements of your project.

Demo package

Our best-selling flexible lightings are available for purchase at discounted price. Use it whenever you need in your facility or take it to the customer site for a quick evaluation.

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