Machine vision plays an important role in improving traceability and efficiency in logistics operations by automating key inspection tasks as goods pass through the warehouse management process, from receipt to shipment. As with all machine vision applications, the prime role of machine vision lighting in logistics is to deliver sufficient light to the scene so that the resulting images have the signal-to-noise and contrast needed for accurate and repeatable measurements.

To meet these power requirements, logistics lighting must be able to be strobed at high intensities, without impacting operators. It must also cover a wide field of view in order to image any type and size of packaging.

Designed specifically as an economical lighting solution for the logistics industry, EFFILUX's logistics range combines ultra-high power with the flexibility needed for machine vision requirements in warehouse management.

Camera inspection can be deployed at multiple stages of the warehouse management cycle, from receiving to shipping. Systems with built-in illumination can be well suited for applications where target information, such as barcodes or labels, reliably appears in their field of view. For example :

QR code reading application on an assembly line with EFFI-Flex-LG

Code reading

Scan of pallets at the exit of warehouse for an expedition

Pallet scanning

Reading labels on boxes that pass on a conveyor


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Thanks to the new MegaStrobe™ technology, ultra-high intensity short light pulses can be delivered at high frequencies with a fast response time of <1µs. Even small details on large, fast-moving packages can be captured with high contrast and blur-free.

Continuous vs Megastrobe (200µs)

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