EFFILUX listens to our customers’ needs, assists in overcoming their imaging challenges, and delivers either a standard product or a customized solution with the full extent of its expertise to meet the specific needs of each customer.

EFFILUX offers convenient solutions to help you overcome your imaging challenges.

- Complimentary services -

> Feasibility Test:

Count on us Simply send us your workpiece and we will work out the optimal image for you.*

> Loans of standard product:

Do it yourself Try the changeable configurations of our flexible standard products in your own facilities.*

> Testing room:

Work together Visit our well-equipped facilities and collaborate with our highly-skilled engineers.

*Charges may apply for complex feasibility test and long-term loan.

- Advanced Services -

> Customization & Tailor-made solutions:

Comprehensive technical studies From design to implementation, leverage our expertise in lightings and optics to design a custom solution that fulfils the diverse and complex requirements of your project.**

> Demo package:

The ultimate convenience Our best-selling flexible lights are available for purchase at a discounted price. Use it anytime in your own facility or take it to the customer site for a quick evaluation.

> Training:

Invest in your resources From standard to advanced level, comprehensive in-house or on-site trainings are available at a nominal fee to equip your staff with extensive lightings & optics knowledge and the skills to apply that knowledge to your business.**

**Charges vary depending on training content and project complexity.