3D Projector

- Characteristics -

EFFILUX 3D pattern projector is a LED-based structured pattern projector. It offers the same quality as laser source in terms of accuracy, power and homogeneity, yet eliminates the disadvantages of laser sources, such as pattern uniformity and sharpness, eye safety, lifetime issues. This 3D pattern projector is ideal for 3D reconstruction, stereovision and alignment applications thanks to the powerful and accurate patterns such as : line, cross, cloud of dots, etc.

Advantages VS Laser :

  • High accuracy without speckle
  • Eye safety
  • Compatible with C-Mount lenses
  • Various choices of standard masks
  • Homogeneity > 80 %

- Applications -

  • 3D profilometry
  • Stereovision
  • Alignement

EFFI-Lase Alternative laser no speckle so more accurate.

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