HSI Range LED Lighting for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging

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Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging technology in machine vision that integrates conventional imaging with spectroscopy. An enormous range of new applications for image processing in the visible-NIR region of the spectrum are now possible using this technique.

The HSI range, developed in close collaboration with hyperspectral camera manufacturers, offers spectra that are suitable for multispectral and hyperspectral applications, from 400nm to 1700nm, such as:

• Identify chemical compositions in the food industry
• Detect foreign contaminants or materials
• Optical sorting of waste, plastics
• Pharmaceutical inspection
• Metrology and calibration of sensors
• ...

LED spectrum of Effilux HSI range for hyperspectral imaging

LED spectrum of EFFILUX HSI range.

- Standard range -

Introducing the new range of VIS-NIR broadband hyperspectral lighting for industrial vision and scientific imaging. Based on a single proprietary LED with a relatively flat spectrum from 400nm to 900 nm, developed by CCS Inc., the point source design of the EFFILUX hyperspectral light provides exceptional spatial and spectral uniformity and enables lights to be produced in any form factor, including projector, bar, ring and backlight.

Learn more about CCS single proprietary LED.

Effilux Hyperspectral visible-NIR LED projector for hyperspectral imaging


Hyperspectral Visible-NIR LED projector.
Available upon request

- Available Spectrum -

Effilux visible-NIR 400-900nm single broadband LED light for hyperspectral imaging

Visible-NIR 400-900nm

Standard spectrum
Single broadband LED.

Effilux visible-NIR 400-1000nm customizable LED light for hyperspectral imaging

Visible-NIR 400-1000nm

Spectrum with additional wavelength (Customizable spectrum).

Effilux multi SWIR 1000-1700nm multiple spectrum customizable LED light for multispectral SWIR imaging

Multi SWIR 1000-1700nm

Multispectral SWIR spectrum
(Customizable spectrum).

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