JUNE 2023

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Introducing EFFI-Flex2

New generation of EFFI-Flex bar lights with even more flexibility

 Built-in Multimode driver offers 3 operating modes (Overdrive, Adjustable strobe, and Dimmable continuous mode)

 More powerful: 4.5x Overdrive ratio

 Same optical flexibility as EFFI-Flex (adjustable lens position and diffusers, innovative optical accessories)

 Refined & modern design with the same mechanical dimensions for easy upgradeability

No need to choose the type of driver before, just wire the light the way you want it to operate:


With 450% Overdrive intensity then 100% continuous

Adjustable Strobe

With controlled intensity from 10% to 100%

Dimmable Continuous

With controlled intensity from 10% to 100%

Built with flexibility in mind, the EFFI-Flex2 series makes it possible to easily adjust the product – optically, electronically, and mechanically - to adapt to any application requirements.

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Free demo program, and demo kits available. Contact us for more information.