The Award-winning SWIR H.O.P Technology

In partnership with the French Institute of Optics, EFFILUX developed an innovative LED SWIR source - SWIR H.O.P. (High Optical Power) Technology, based on a proprietary material that emits SWIR light, which is designed to deliver high output power.

The SWIR H.O.P. technology retains all the advantages of LEDs compared to halogen or laser sources, with huge improvements in power and the flexibility to create both highly focused SWIR beams, as well as large area uniform SWIR illumination. In fact, one “chip” of the H.O.P. technology emits a luminous flux comparable to a 50W halogen source.

With SWIR H.O.P. Technology, it is easy and convenient for users to integrate SWIR imaging into their machine vision system.

- Your Benefits at a glance -

>> Great lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours
>> No excessive warm up
>> Using an adequate cooling system, the H.O.P. technology offers a perfect stability and reliability, which is crucial for repetitive tasks and measurements, and especially for calibration systems
>> Speckle free light source, thanks to LED-based technology
>> Compact size, possible to integrate into very compact product
>> Low power consumption as a result of great energy efficiency design
>> Fully safe for human eyes, as contrary to laser source
>> Adjustable to meet the needs of extreme conditions: thermal, vibration, humidity, smoke, dust, etc
>> Cost efficient: To achieve the same output power, many expensive SWIR LEDs can be replaced by a single H.O.P. “chip”, resulting in lower costs for system builders using SWIR illumination
>> High level of adaptability: Can be integrated into a variety of illuminators. For instance, a complex optical projector (EFFI-SHARP-SWIR-HOP), resulting in the most powerful, sharp and homogenous SWIR pattern projector in the market

EFFILUX projector - EFFI-SHARP with SWIR H.O.P Technology

>> Exceptionally powerful than the standard SWIR LEDs in the market, making it possible to reveal invisible phenomena to SWIR cameras that usual LED systems could not.

Intensity comparison between SWIR H.O.P technology and SWIR LED 1550 nm.

HOP Version
Standard LED Version

Spot patterns comparison between the EFFI-SHARP with the H.O.P technology and a standard LED. (made with an InGaAs Camera at the same exposure time)

>> Superior optical performances and flexibility: User could project any pattern required on illuminate objects from short working distance (focused light) to far working distance (5 meters)

EFFI-SHARP spot pattern size and related working distance