Mechanical accessories lightings fasteners.

Mounting solutions Part numbers Characteristics Compatibility CAD
Representation of a T-nut | A standardized mechanical accessory, inserted in the profile of a product | Allows you to fix another lighting fixture on your lighting.
M6 : EFFV-BOLT-0011

M4 : EFFV-BOLT-0012
M6 : This attachment fits into the product profile and it is suitable for M6 type screws.
This kit contains a T-NUT M6 nut, a M6X14 screw, an M6 washer, a m4X12 screw, an M4 washer and an M4 nut.

M4 : This attachment fits into the product profile and it is suitable for M4 type screws.
This kit contains a T-NUT M4 nut, a M4x8 screw and a M4x12 screw and an M4 washer.

Representation of the mechanical accessory: lighting bracket Square | Allowing to fix a product by its profile on a mechanical support thanks to 2 T-nuts.
Without groove : EFFM-1-0017

1 groove : EFFM-1-0019

2 grooves : EFFM-1-0021
This fastener is attached in the product profile with a T-Nut and the desired mechanical support via a second T-Nut.
This kit contains two M6x14 screws, two M6 T-Nut nuts and two M6 washers.
"Elcom" ball
Representation of an Elcom ball joint | This mechanical accessory makes it possible thanks to a T-nut to fix a product by its profile and to make it translate.
Drilled: EFFM-1-0009

NOT Drilled : EFFM-1-0002
Drilled : This Elcom ball can be attached to products using the two M4 holes.
This kit contains two M4x10 screws, one M6x14 screw, two M5x10 screws and a T-NUT M6 nut.

NOT Drilled : This fastener can also be used to attach the compatible products by screwing into the section through the central hole.
This kit contains two T-NUT M6 nuts, one M4 T-NUT nut, one M6x14 screw, one M6x10 screw, one M4x10 screw, one M5X8 screw, and one M5x10 screw.
Drilled : EFFI-Sharp (on EFFI-Sharp Power, the ball is fixed on the back of the heatsink), EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Lase V2, EFFI-Tele

NOT Drilled : EFFI-BL, EFFI-FD, EFFI-Flex, EFFI-Flex-CPT, EFFI-Smart, EFFI-Line V2, EFFI-Lase-CPT

Clamping flange on the body
Representation of a clamp on the body | It is a standardized mechanical accessory for fixing projectors.
EFFM-1-0001 The clamp grips the round body of EFFI-Sharp. 2 fastener configurations are possible.
This kit contains two M4x20 screws and two M4x12 screws.
EFFI-Sharp, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Tele
Adapter "tripod"
Representation of a
EFFM-1-0027 Fastener that can be used to simplify the projector integration (orientation).
This kit contains EFFV-BOLT-0011 and 2 M6x14 screws.
To securely lock into position, please remove the internal washers.
Suitable for EFFILUX products: Bosch profile and M4 threaded holes

EFFI-Sharp, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Tele, EFFI-Smart, EFFI-Spot, EFFI-Lase-CPT
SMART Adapter
Representation of a Smart Adapter | It is a standardized mechanical accessory to maintain an EFFI-Smart.
EFFM-ADAPT-SMART Adapter to fasten EFFI-Smart
This kit contains 2 M3x8 screws.
To securely lock the product, Please remove the inner washers.
Suitable for EFFILUX products : Bosch profile and M4 tapped holes