The IP69K series features a 100% waterproof stainless steel profile specially designed for food industry and wash environments.

EFFI-BL IP69K is a large, powerful and homogeneous LED backlight. The strong luminance and greater than 90% homogeneity make it the ideal product for camera inspection by backlight.

90% Homogeneity

Waterproof LED Backlight resistant to washing chemicals of the agri-food industry

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optical width (mm) optical length (mm) Wavelengths (nm) Vent Cable length (m) *XXX ≤ YYY
Available Options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

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- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Red IR White
(T°= 5700 k ± 700 K)
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 465 625 850 000

Part number : EFFI-BL-IP69K-XXX-YYY-ZZZ

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

See the different EFFI-BL (EFFI-BL / EFFI-BL Thin edges / EFFI-BL-IP69K)

- FOOD Version -

For food processing environment, the nickel-plated brass gland can be replaced with a stainless steel one.
If stainless steel gland, add -FOOD in the part number.


- Depressurization valve -

IP Food certification of cables,
connectors and cable gland
Food contact compatible Venting presence (-V)
(equalizes the pressure and minimalizes the condensation)
Standard IP69K Version
FOOD IP69K Version

- Connectivity -

The EFFI-BL-IP69K is supplied with a 24V constant voltage. The TRIG (or AIC) contact needs to be connected.
Please make sure that the flying leads output of the cable is in a sealed area.

Standard mode : M12 - AutoStrobe

5 Pin EFFI-BL-IP69K-FOOD connector connections for machine vision and quality control in the food industry.
Pin number Designation Cable color (2)
1 +24V Brown
2 N/A White
3 GND Blue
5 N/A Yellow/Green

(2) Color of the cable fo the -FOOD version

- Dimming control -

EFFI-BL-IP69K is powered by a 24V DC source.

By using the DIM pin, the light intensity can be increased linearly :
• 0V - OFF
• 24V - Full ON

logo infoThe product comes with a 10m cable without connectors