January 2024

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Empower Your Line scan System:
Introducing the EFFI-Line3 Focus option

The Big EFFI-Line3 product

The EFFI-Line3 is our latest generation of linear lighting designed and manufactured by us. During its conception, we ensured it meets strict requirements that we consider essential for such a product.

 Power: Increasing factory production rates is a major challenge in the industry. Consequently, parts are exposed to lighting for shorter durations, and the contrast on images is often affected. With a light power of up to 2.7MLux, the EFFI-Line3 enables your machine vision system to have excellent contrast on all your parts, even at very high frequencies.

 Versatility & Flexibility: Like all our products, the EFFI-Line3 allows you to work over a wide range of working distances, in frontlight or backlight configuration. It is also adaptable in size, wavelength, and operating mode (strobe and continuous).

 Robustness & Compactness: We understand that you work in demanding environments with limited space, which is why the product's compactness and its IP67 version have been our priority.

... and finally, customisable if, of course, you find an application to which our various options do not respond!

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To push the boundaries of our product, our engineers have designed the Focus option.

Equipped with a focusing lens instead of the collimation one, this option makes it possible to boost the power capacities and reach a maximum of 2.7MLux at short working distances.

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