EFFI-Line3 is the new generation of LED line light intended for linescan applications designed and manufactured by Effilux.

The light has all the requested qualities for this type of application as a large uniformity, very high power and an excellent collimation.

  • Versatility: Efficient over a wide range of working distances with scalable power and uniformity according to the needs.
  • Built-in driver for continuous mode or strobe mode, with analog intensity control (AIC) allowing to adjust the output power.
  • Robust design for inspection in rough environments.

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Optical version IP version Cooling version Optical length Wavelengths (nm)
Available Options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

- Product information -

- Optical length -

XXX : optical length (mm) 200 300 400 500 In steps of 100 Max 2900*
Product lengths 239mm 339mm 439mm 539mm ... 2939mm

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-XXX-...

- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Red IR White
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 465 625 850 000

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-XXX-ZZZ- ...

- Optical variants -

> Version: BACKLIGHT

The BACKLIGHT version has an enhanced uniformity which is neccesary for most backlight applications.
All the options and versions are compatible with BACKLIGHT version.

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-BL-XXX-ZZZ- ...

> Option: Focus

The Focus option has been designed to get a high optical output at short working distances.

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-XXX-ZZZ-FOC ...

> Option: Polarizer

Using the Polarizer accessory, it is possible to eliminate glare from the workpiece making it easier to acquire a suitable image for the application with no hot spot.

If polarizer, add -POL in the part number

Vision of a camera lit by a standard Effi-FD for industrial vision and quality control Vision of a camera lit by an Effi-FD equipped with a Polarizer for industrial vision and quality control

EFFI-Line3 Standard

Diagram detailing the various components and their dimensions of an EFFI-Line3 Standard used for machine vision and quality control.

EFFI-Line3 Power

Diagram detailing the various components and their dimensions of an EFFI-Line3 Power used for machine vision and quality control.

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

- IP67 Version -

The IP67 does not affect the mechanical dimensions.
All the options and versions are compatible with the IP67 version.

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-IP67-XXX-ZZZ- ...

- Watercooling Version -

Due to thermal considerations, it is necessary to provide watercooling (-WTR) by adding anti-drip connectors on each side.

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-WTR-XXX-ZZZ- ...

- Connectors -

The EFFI-Line3 is supplied directly with 24V DC via an M12 Power, or Flying Leads, depending on the power consumption of the product.

> M12 Power (T-coded) - 4 pins

Schemat M12 Power connector

> Flying leads FL1

Schemat Flying leads FL1

> Flying leads FL2

Schemat Flying leads FL2

logo infoRefer to the technical sheet for more informations.

- AIC control -

Graphic representing the light produced by an Effi-FLEX-BL as a function of the current received thanks to an AIC pin - Used for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-Line3 is powered by a 24V DC source.

By using the AIC pin, the light intensity can be increased linearly:
• ≤1.5V - OFF
• 10V - Full ON
When the AIC PIN is not connected the light is ON at 100%

- POWER Version -

Standard version

POWER Version ("PWR")

The POWER version consists in providing a higher current to the LEDs. The watercooling system is then mandatory to keep the product at the good working temperature.

Part number: EFFI-LINE3-PWR...

- Mechanical accessories -

- electronical accessories -

- On demand -

Filter & Other Wavelengths

Other LED density


For all other requests contact EFFILUX.

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