June 2020

Reveal the invisible with Effilux PureUV™ Technology

Fluorescence is the property of some materials to emit light under UV radiation. The radiation is absorbed at a specific wavelength (eg. UV 365nm) and then re-emitted at a longer wavelength (eg. Blue). This phenomenon reveals glue, ink, coatings or any materials with UV optical brighteners.

Typical application: Detection & inspection of fluorescent printing, polymers, dyes on various objects such as packaging, security strip, glass, etc.

Go beyond the limit of conventional UV imaging with EFFILUX PureUV™ technology:

Common Problem 1:
Unwanted reflection from plastic, glass, metals, etc.

PureUV™ Technology:
Anti-reflective property removes glare.

Common Problem 2:
Insufficient fluorescence effect and contrast, making it difficult to identify the desired features.

PureUV™ Technology:
Enhance fluorescence effect and improve contrast significantly.

Common Problem 3:
Lack of powerful & intense illumination for longer working distances.

PureUV™ Technology:
Powerful & intense illumination for longer working distances.

Products with Pure UV technology


EFFI-FLEX with integrated controller and PureUV™ Technology can be strobed at an increased intensity for even brighter output for high speed inspections.


PureUV™ Technology can also be built into our EFFI-Sharp, an LED projector that produces powerful and focused beams.

Effilux also offers a wide range of UV lights in various wavelengths (365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm) and form factors (bar, ring, line, projector), to meet different usage requirements of your machine vision applications.



UV Cut filters: LP415 / BP470 / BN470

Protective glasses

Recommanded for UV applications.

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