MARCH 2021

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GIF transform EFFI-SRing to the EFFI-SDome

Discover our new Dome & Ring light concept. A flexible solution to get the best of both worlds in one light.

GIF Color LED product

Choose your color

Blue, Green, Red, Infrared, White

Multi-channel lighting

Monochromatic version or multi-color version

Built-in driver with overdrive feature

High-power strobe light

Choose the optical window

Interchangeable windows to get the right compromise between power and uniformity: Opaline / Semi-diffuse / Transparent

GIF EFFI-SRing vitres

Additional accessories

Polarizer or Diffusing Film + Polarizer

GIF kit product

Complete Demo Kit

avalaible with all the accessories, SRing and SDome

presentation video product EFFI-SRing/EFFI-SDome

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Compact & flexible Ring Light


Small LED Dome light