• Integrated driver with AutoStrobe function
  • PNP and NPN triggers
  • 4 independent Channels
  • Monochromatic or Multi-color version available
  • EFFI-SRing-SDome available in KIT with all accessories
  • Easily convertible into EFFI-SRing

EFFI-SDOME, Small homogeneous powerful LED dome for industrial vision and quality control

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Size (Square headge) Available wavelengths (nm)
Available options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

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- Available wavelengths -

Blue (465nm)
Green (525nm)
Red (625nm)
IR (850nm)
White (000) (T°= 5700 k ± 500 K)
Z : wavelength

EFFI-SDome has 4 independent Channels. It is possible to choose a different color for each one.

Part number : EFFI-SDOME-100-ZZZZ- ...

For other wavelengths please contact.

logo info Even in monochromatic version, the 4 Channels can be controlled independently.

Diagram of a SRing / SDome after it consists of four dials

- Additional options -

> Option: Special dome with filter thread M25.5

Part number : EFFI-SDOME-100-ZZZZ-M25.5

filter that can be mounted on an EFFI-SDome

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

> Flexibility: EFFI-SRING / EFFI-SDOME

The EFFI-SDome has the particularity of being able to be easily disassembled to become an EFFI-SRing.

Small animation to show the transformation of a SRing into SDome and vice versa

References to transform the EFFI-SDome into an EFFI-SRing:
Part numbers:
Collar: EFFO-SRING-COL-100
Transparent: EFFO-SRING-TR-100
Semi-diffuse: EFFO-SRING-SD-100
Opaline: EFFO-SRING-OP-100

- AutoStrobe Version (Standard) -

> Connector

The EFFI-SDome requires a 24V DC input power supply via an M12-8 pin connector. Note that each trigger pin of each dial must be connected either to the 24V DC signal for continuous mode or to a trigger signal for overdrive strob mode.

Characteristics of the 8 pins M12 connector used to power the EFFI-SDOME for machine vision and quality control.
Pin number Designation Cable color
1 Selection mode (PNP or NPN) Orange
2 +24V Brown
3 TRIG n°1 Green
4 TRIG n°2 Yellow
5 TRIG n°3 Black
6 TRIG n°4 Purple
7 GND Blue
8 N/A Red

> AutoStrobe Operation

Graphic representation of the lighting intensity of the EFFI-Ring as a function of the DIM

danger logoAutoStrobe mode: Respect a duty cycle of less than 15%.

- Additional options -

> Option: Continuous version

Graphic representation of the lighting intensity of the EFFI-Ring as a function of the STROBE

logo infoIf version continues, add -CW. Useful for continuous use, if necessary to remove AutoStrobe at the start of flash.

Part number : EFFI-SDOME-100-ZZZZ-CW

- Optical accessories -

- Mechanical accessories -

- Electronic accessories -

SWITCH 4 channels to power the different Channels of the EFFI-SDome

4 channel switch

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Custom electronics

For all other inquiries, please contact EFFILUX.

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