November 2019

Novel Visible-NIR hyperspectral lighting with single broadband LED

Introducing the new EFFILUX hyperspectral lighting HSI range created from a single proprietary LED developed by CCS Inc.

Benefits at a glance

Single broadband LED design for relatively flat spectrum between 400nm and 900nm

• Using a single chip to create a broadband spectrum allows exceptionally high spectral uniformity across the illuminated area

Strobe function for high power applications, camera synchronization, and longer lifetime

Excellent spatial & spectral uniformity without wavelength-dependent angular absorption effects

Easy integration into wide range of light types, area & line scan, to fit different hyperspectral imaging application requirements

Hyperspectral illumination technologies comparison

EFFILUX HSI standard range Multiple narrow band LED Tungsten Halogen
Spatial & spectral uniformity
Ease of use
Heat dissipation
Environmentally -friendly
Form factor avalaible Bar
Linescan, ...
Mostly linescan Projector
Linescan, ...


Hyperspectral Visible-NIR LED bar light.


Hyperspectral Visible-NIR LED backlight.


Hyperspectral Visible-NIR LED projector.

Ideal Applications

Optical sorting and quality control systems, biotech and microscopy systems, security and counterfeit detection, waste sorting and recycling, medical imaging and diagnostics, and many others.

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(Hyperspectral standard range, custom solutions for larger spectrum, multispectral SWIR, possible to complete spectrum up to 1000 nm or below 400 nm by adding single NIR LED or UV LED, etc.)