Thanks to its LED source and the precisely engraved masks, this latest EFFI-Lase V3 is much more powerful than previous versions. It overcomes the difficulties of conventional laser sources by providing extremely high power, perfect sharpness, and eliminating diffusion & speckle. Several masks and colors are available. This flexible LED pattern projector can be integrated into any machine vision system, making it the ideal solution for stereovision, 3D profiling, reconstruction, positioning and alignment and measurement applications, for example on objects with inclined surfaces or complex structures.

  • Ultra high power, superior homogeneity, high contrast, without speckle
  • Multiple masks available, possibility of custom mask. Special mask available for bodyscanning applications
  • Large depth of field
  • Any E-mount lens can be easily mounted on the EFFI-Lase V3
  • The electronic mode are extremely flexible and can be easily adapted to each application

Effilux EFFI-Lase V3 Powerful High Precision Structured Lighting LED Pattern Projector

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Available wavelengths (nm) Type of mask Connector version
Available options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

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- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Converted-Green (White) Red
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 465 520 625

Part number: EFFI-LASE-V3-ZZZ...

Please contact us for any other wavelength.

- Masks -

> 3D Profilometry

Mask Representation of a 3D profilometry mask of 1 line at 100μm for EFFI-Lase-V3. Representation of a 3D profilometry mask of 1 line at 20μm for EFFI-Lase-V3. Representation of a 3D profilometry mask of 100 lines at 67.5μm for EFFI-Lase-V3. Representation of a 3D profilometry mask of 22 lines at 75μm for EFFI-Lase-V3.
MMM L01 L02 L07 L08
Designation 1 line 1 line 100 lines
(19.5mm x 16.5mm)
22 lines
(17.4mm x 16.5mm)
Line length (mm) 25 25 25 25
Lines thickness 100µm 20µm 67.5µm 75µm
Step between lines / / 100µm 500µm

> Stereovision

Mask Representation of a stereovision mask of rounds on a surface of 25x25mm² for EFFI-Lase-V3.
Representation of a stereovision round mask on a surface of 13x13mm² for EFFI-Lase-V3.
MMM C02 C10 (Bodyscanning)
Designation Cloud of dots
Density 50%
Cloud of dots
Density 50%
Diameter 25mm 25mm
Pixel size
(smallest dot)
22.5µm 20µm

Part number: EFFI-LASE-V3-ZZZ-MMM- ...

logo info Please note that we can also integrate custom masks upon request.

- E-mount lenses -

Focale Distance (mm) 10 12 16 21 35 50
Diaphragme Aperture F2.8~22 F2.0~22 F2.0~22 F1.4~22 F1.2~22 F1.2~22
View Angle (°) 109.5 98.9 83.1 69.3 44.6 31.7
Filter Mount - M67 x 0.75 M77 x 0.75 M58 x 0.75 M62 x 0.75 M62 x 0.75
L x Ø (mm) 76.7 x 86 59.1 x 72.5 115.4 x 83 64.3 x 67.5 74.2 x 67.5 74.2 x 67.5

logo infoLens are not included with the product. EFFI-Lase V3 is equipped with a E-mount. Please Contact us for other requests.
EFFILUX recommends customer to use an objective for 1 inch sensor for large masks, such as cloud of dots.

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

logo info6 holes M4x4 could be used to attach the product.
EFFILUX recommends customer to use the "Elcom type" hinge (EFFM-1-0002) when attaching the product to the system

- Connectors -

EFFI-LASE-V3 has an external driver. The driver has to be powered by a constant voltage of 24V.

Characteristics of the 4-pin M12 Power Male Connector used to power the Effi-Lase-V3 for machine vision and quality control.
Pin number color Designation
1 Brown +24V
2 White N/A
3 Blue GND

Part number: EFFI-LASE-V3-ZZZ-MMM-M12P

> Option: Without connector (flying leads)

EFFI-Lase V3 is supplied with an M12P connector. For a product with bare wires, please remove -FL at the end of the reference.

Part number: EFFI-LASE-V3-ZZZ-MMM-FL

- AutoStrobe operation -

Graphical representation of the lighting intensity of the EFFI-Lase-V3 as a function of the DIM

The integrated driver is set to pulse the LED automatically, with a pulse duration of 150ms (Max Tstrobe) and a Duty Cycle max of 5.8%.
After this pulse, the product automatically goes to continuous mode. (No time limitation with continuous mode).

Power supply current during strobe: 7.5A (180W @24V)
Power supply current during continuous: 1.2A (29W @24V)

Please note: The controller delays between 10 and 20μs.

> Custom: Electronic flexibility

The electronics of the EFFI-Lase-V3 can be easily changed.

The parameters of the standard strobe mode can be adapted to your application.
For example, we can change the value of the duty cycle or the power of the LED.

Please contact Effilux for more information.

- Optical accessories -

- Electronic accessories -

- Custom -

Electronic version

Tailor-made mask

For all other requests contact EFFILUX.

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