Power supplies


Power supplies - Enable to supply and control the luminous intensity of products by voltage - Available in custom-made.

EFFILUX offers voltage supplies compatible with all lighting systems. These boxes can supply and control the light intensity by voltage (up to three lights).

Custom products are also available to meet your certain needs. Please contact us for more information.

Part number Characteristics CAD + DRAWING
EFFI-PWR-050W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12, 50W / 24V - 2A
EFFI-PWR-050W-24V-302-XX 3 channels - M12, 50W / 24V - 2A
EFFI-PWR-100W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12, 100W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-100W-24V-302-XX 3 channels - M12, 100W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12, 200W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-112-XX 1 channel - M12 PWR, 200W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-302-XX 3 channels - M12, 200W / 24V - 8A

XX (type of outlet): UK, CH, EU, US. Other connectors are available upon request.

EFFILUX also offers compact power supply EFFI-SPWR.


Power supplies - Allows you to power and control the light intensity of the products by varying the voltage - Available in custom-made

EFFI-SPWR is a simple and compact power supply to power EFFILUX product. It is compatible with all standard M12 lighting (4 or 5 pins).

There is a switch to control the value of the 0V or 24V signal, making it suitable for all versions of EFFILUX drivers.

The EFFI-SPWR comes with a power plug of your choice.

Part number Characteristics DRAWING
EFFI-SPWR-90W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12 - 5 pins, 90W / 24V – 3.75A

XX (type of outlet): UK, CH, EU, US. Other connectors are available upon request.

EFFI-PWR is recommended to supply power to several products simultaneously and to control the light intensity.

- Custom -

Available upon request

Number of connectors, choice of power, integrated timer, etc.