Mask Zebra mask

LED bar light with a ZB zebra strip mask

- Description -

The zebra mask ZB from EFFILUX is the ideal mask for metrology and deflectometry to reveal defects (stripe, impact, or positioning, etc) on reflective / transparent surfaces /
or semi transparent.

The goal of ZB lighting is to provide maximum contrast so that machine vision software can evaluate and make necessary judgment. On the image, the defect will be revealed in white on black.

difference between two images. one with zebra technology and the other without

> Control reflection of reflective surfaces (metallic, polished, etc)

It is important to pay special attention on lightings when inspecting objects with reflective surfaces. Reflections disrupt good images acquisitions and cause difficulties to identify defects. :

Typical images of objects with reflective surfaces
Image of reflective object with scratches which cannot be used for image processing inspection
reflection of metal surface

Machine vision systems are unable to process these unsatisfactory images with reflections and making it impossible to detect the defects (eg: scratch size, etc.).

Image with zebra mask ZB:

Photo of a non-compliant part lit by ZB lighting

With zebra mask ZB, the lighting will be oriented and able to create light pattern. => The pattern becomes deformed when there are dents or bumps.

Horizontal stripes without defect
Horizontal stripes with defect (dent)
Light without zebra mask ZB is unable to identify defects during quality inspection Light with zebra mask ZB detects a dent defects during quality inspection

The size of the pattern (just like its geometry) must be adapted to the type of inspections and defects, we would be glad to assist you to define the suitable pattern.

> Transmission control of a transparent surface (eg. glass or plastic inspection):

This mask could help the image processing system to obtain following types of images during glass inspection:

With defect: Scratches
With defects
Without defect
Machine vision system equipped with ZB mask lighting detects imperfections on plastic Machine vision system equipped with ZB mask lighting detects a flawless plastic part scratch on glass seen through a camera in a system equipped with zebra lighting

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Linear application Matrix Application Customization
Photo LED bar equipped with a zebra mask backlight equipped with a zebra mask LED bar light with a ZB zebra strip mask
Part number EFFO-FLEX-TR-ZB-XX-ZZ* EFFO-BL-XXX-YYY-ZB-TR-ZZ** To have zebra mask on another EFFILUX product, please contact us.

* XX : Number of LEDs
** XXX-YYY : Optical length and width
ZZ: Thickness of the zebra mask