EFFI-LSBR Small LED bar.

effi-lsbr, mini led lighting bar for industrial vision and quality control applications

- Description -

EFFI-LSBR is a very compact lighting which can be easily integrated into the inspection system to resolve challenges cause by environment and design constraints.

These lightings can be mounted with multiple tilt angles to illuminate different areas of the object.

- Applications -

  • External appearance inspection
  • Labeling inspection
  • Character inspection
  • Code recognition

Working diagram of an application of an Effi-LSBR for machine vision and quality control.

- Reference -


Ultra mini LED bar.

Diagram showing the component dimensions of an EFFI-LSBR-030-2 for machine vision and quality control.
Diagram showing the component dimensions of an EFFI-LSBR-XXX-3 for machine vision and quality control.
Diagram showing the component dimensions of an EFFI-LSBR-XXX-6 for machine vision and quality control.

Part number
Color (X)
User guide
EFFI-LSBR-030-2-X 1.3W 50mA
2.1W 80mA
EFFI-LSBR-050-3-X 1.6W 60mA
2.6W 100mA
EFFI-LSBR-100-3-X 3.1W 120mA
5.2W 200mA
EFFI-LSBR-150-3-X 4.6W 180mA
7.8W 300mA
EFFI-LSBR-200-3-X 6.1W 240mA
11W 400mA
EFFI-LSBR-025-6-X 1.6W 60mA
2.1W 80mA
EFFI-LSBR-050-6-X 3.1W 120mA
4.1W 160mA
EFFI-LSBR-075-6-X 4.6W 180mA
6.1W 240mA
EFFI-LSBR-100-6-X 6.1W 240mA
8.1W 320mA
EFFI-LSBR-125-6-X 7.6W 300mA
11W 400mA
EFFI-LSBR-150-6-X 9.1W 360mA
13W 480mA
EFFI-LSBR-175-6-X 11W 420mA
15W 560mA
EFFI-LSBR-200-6-X 13W 480mA
17W 640mA

Replace X in the part-number with the desired color: ( ● R / ● G / ● B / ○ W / ● IR)

- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Green Red IR White
(T°= 5500 K)
Wavelength (nm) (Typ.) 470 525 630 940 000

- Connectivity -

EFFI-LSBR is connected to the supply by a M12 4-pin connector.

The EFFI-LSBR connection is a 4-pin M12 connector.

Pin number Cable color Designation
1 Brown +24V
2 white n.a.
3 blue GND
4 black n.a.

- Accessories -



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