EFFI-LSBR-030-2 Mini LED bar

effi-lsbr, mini led lighting bar for industrial vision and quality control applications

The EFFI-LSBR-030-2 is a very compact mini LED bar, small in size, easy to integrate in applications where mechanical constraints quickly become troublesome. This is a specific size of the EFFI-LSBR range.

It can be mounted with several tilt angles to illuminate different areas.

  • General illumination
  • Labeling inspection
  • Character inspection
  • Code recognition

- Reference -

Part number
Color (X)
User guide
EFFI-LSBR-030-2-X 1.6W 60mA
2.1W 80mA

logo infoReplace X in the part-number with the desired color: ( ● R / ● G / ● B / ○ W / ● IR)

- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Green Red IR White
(T°= 5500 K)
Wavelength (nm) (Typ.) 470 525 630 940 000

- Connectivity -

EFFI-LSBR is connected to the supply by a M12 4-pin connector.

The EFFI-LSBR connection is a 4-pin M12 connector.

Pin number Cable color Designation
1 Brown +24V
2 white n.a.
3 blue GND
4 black n.a.

- Accessories -

The EFFI-LSBR-030-2 is compatible with various accessories.