EFFI-Spot very powerful and homogeneous LED projector

The EFFI-Spot is a very powerful LED projector suitable for industrial vision and fast cameras.

The EFFI-Spot is an high-power LED projector with an integrated fan.

Optimized for short range working distances (until 50 cm), the EFFI-Spot is perfectly suited for industrial and scientific applications using high-speed cameras: troubleshooting, PIV...

With the Effi-Spot, it is possible to control the light intensity (dimming control) while avoiding flicker effect (flicker-free).

High compactness and power are the two main features of the EFFI-Spot.

Lighting suitable for high-speed video

User manual

- Technical specifications -

- Available wavelengths -

Blue Green Red IR White
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
XXX : wavelength (nm) 365 395 405 465 525 625 850 000

Part numbers :

- Working distances -

Representation of the working distance of the EFFI-Spot - Graduation of the light output and the diameter of the light beam.

- Drawings -

> CAD files

- EFFI-Spot -

Diagram showing the various components and their dimensions of an EFFI-Ring used for machine vision and quality control.

logo infoFixings: 8 M3 fixings, 2 fixings for passage of M5 screws and 2 M4 fixings.

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

- Photo-stand adapter -

With the mechanical accessory Photo-foot adapter it is possible to fix your EFFI-SPOT on any camera/camera tripod.

Representation of a Photo-stand adapter for attaching the EFFI-SPOT to any tripod
Representation of an EFFI-Spot equipped with a photo-stand adapter allowing it to be attached to any tripod

Part numbers: EFFM-1-0027
Adapter used to simplify the integration of the projector (orientation). Supplied with an EFFV-BOLT-0011 T-Nut and two M6x14 screws.

- Connectivity -

The EFFI-Spot is supplied directly with 24V DC via an M12 - 5. Please note, the AIC pin must be connected.

Characteristics of the 5-pin M12 connector - used to power the Effi-Spot in Standard mode for machine vision and quality control.
Pin number Designation Cable color
1 +24V Brown
2 n.a. White
3 GND Blue
4 AIC: Analogue intensity control Black
5 n.a. Grey

- AIC control -

> Power & Control Range

ELS-700 version

ELS-1000 version

VVV: Output current (100%), optionally 700 or 1000.
UUU: DIM control range (5V, 10V or 24V). Default 24V.

> Operation

Graph representing the light produced by an Effi-Spot as a function of the current received - used for machine vision and fast video

EFFI-Spot is powered by a 24V DC source.

Example with a 0-24V control range.
Using the AIC pin, the light intensity can be increased linearly:

  • 0V - OFF
  • 24V - Full ON

- Response time -

Designation Time
Rise time (TM) 8µs
Response rise time ( TRM ) 16µs
Fall time ( TD ) 12µs
Response fall time ( TRD ) 16µs

- Light and Camera mounting solutions -

- Electronic accessories -

- Custom -

Driverless version


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