EFFI-FD is a high-power flat light with camera hole offers high uniformity plus an integrated intensity controller.

Thanks to its mechanical design, EFFI-FD can be easily integrated on a production line and can be an good alternative of typical dome lights EFFI-SDOME depending on applications and space.

Typical applications: Character detection on reflective surfaces, barcode reading on curved surface, applications with a large field of view or mechanical constraints.

  • Anti-reflection system to absorbs unwanted reflections from "interfering light
  • Built-in dimming controller offers convenient and precise Analog Intensity Control
  • Continuous or Strobe mode
  • Camera holes are available in 39mm, 50mm, 58mm and 65mm

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EFFI-FD diffuse, powerful LED flat dome to inspect reflective surfaces for machine vision and quality control.

- Build your part number -


- - -
Optical width (mm) Optical length (mm) Wavelengths (nm) *XXX ≤ YYY
Available options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

- Product Information -

- Available wavelengths -

> Monochromatic

Color Blue Green* Red IR White
(T°= 5700 k ± 700 K)
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 465 525 625 850 000

Part number: EFFI-FD-XXX-YYY-ZZZ

* Optional

EFFI-FD is available in different colors according to customer demand.

- Additional options -

> Polarizer

The optical accessory Polarizer eliminates glare caused by the light on the surface of object to be inspected. The camera can then capture the optimal image of the object for inspection without the glow effects.

Option available for EFFI-FD under 300mm by 300mm

First solution : Add-On
Attach and remove the polarizer on top of the product when necessary.
This accessory kit must be ordered separately in addition to the product and to be installed on top of the light by the user.

Second solution : Built-In
Polarizer to be installed on top of the opaline window by manufacturer during production.
This option must be ordered together with the light as the polarizer cannot be installed by the user at later stage.

For the part number reference, please refer to the document : POLARIZER
The polarizer accessory kit can be order apart, please refer to this page.

Vision of a camera with standard Effi-FD for machine vision and quality control Vision of a camera with Effi-FD equipped with a Polarizer for machine vision and quality control to reduce reflection

> Black Collar and integrated filter

Effilux propose an optional black collar with integrated thread to add a M40.5 filter on it.
This accessory is compatible with EFFI-FD with camera hole of diameter 39mm.

Part number : EFFM-FD-COL-BLACK : black collar with thread for filter

You can also order a kit which include this option and camera polarizer (EFFM-FD-COL-BLACK + EFFO-FLR-PR032-M40.5): EFFO-FD-POL-KIT-M40.5

Effilux recommens an optional black collar with integrated thread to add a M40.5 filter on it.

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

Presentation of the different dome of the EFFILUX range, the EFFI-FD, EFFI-FD thin edge and the EFFI-FD-IP69K to meet your different needs.

- Mechanical versions EFFI-FD -

Sealing Thickness Camera hole Small footprint Smooth walls
Food Version
Standard Version
43.20mm Standard: 39mm
Option: 50mm, 58mm, 65mm
Thin edges
40mm Standard: 39mm
Option: 50mm, 58mm, 65mm
Stainless-steel Version
35.60mm Standard: 70mm

logo infoEFFILUX offers you all the possible dimensions for EFFI-FD and EFFI-FD fine edges, up to 1.5 m in steps of 50mm.

4 hole diameters available: 39, 50, 58 and 65mm.
Standard size: 39mm. If 50 or 58 or 65mm, add -D50 or -D58 or -D65 at the end of the part number.
Contact EFFILUX for any CAD request.

The EFFI-FD is equipped with a T-NUT M6 groove along its 4 sides. Effilux offers compatible fixing accessories.
The EFFI-FD is compatible with most standard cameras thanks to its mounting accessory.

> Option: Thin edges

Diagram representing the dimensions of the Effi-FD-100-200T and the Effi-FD-100T-200 with fine edges for machine vision and quality control

logo infoThin Edges: Add a 'T' after the dimension that must have a thin edge.

Contact us for any request for CAD not present on the site or for larger dimensions.

> Option: Slot cover

In the clean room, crevices, holes and abrasive surfaces should be avoided to better prevent the accumulation of impurities. Effilux offers to add plastic groove covers on the profiles of the EFFI-FD to guarantee a clean and suitable finish.

Part number : EFFI-FD-XXX-YYY-ZZZ-CR

For the yellow groove covers add -CR (Clean Room) at the end of the part number.
The four covers are delivered separately. Contact Effilux for more information.

Slot cover mount on an EFFI-FD

> Connector positions

Number of connectors Connector type
Connector position (s)
EFFI-FD Standard: On the longest side EFFI-FD Thin Edges: On the side with standard edges
M12 Standard 35mm from the edge of the product
15mm from the edge of the product
M12 Power 90mm from the edge of the product
75mm from the edge of the product
M12 Standard or M12 Power First 90mm connector
Space between 2 cable glands: 60mm
First 75mm connector
Space between 2 cable glands: 60mm

- Connectivity -

The EFFI-FD is supplied directly with 24V DC via one or more M12 - 4 pins, or M12 power 4 - pins, depending on the electrical consumption of the product. Attention, the AIC pin must be connected.

Characteristics of the 4-pin M12 connector to power the Effi-FD for machine vision and quality control
Pin number Designation Cable color
1 +24V Brown
2 N/A white
3 GND blue
4 AIC black

For an EFFI-FD with multiple connectors, the only AIC signal taken into account is that of the connector closest to the angle of the product.

Power Number of connectors
Up to 70W 1X M12
70W - 145W 2X M12 ou 1X M12 Power
145W - 270W 3X M12 ou 1X M12 Power
270W - 560W 2X M12 Power
Up to 560W Specific configuration

Refer to the datasheet for details of the electrical consumption of each EFFI-FD

logo info For devices operating at 150mA, the number of connectors will have to be discussed.

- AIC Control -

> Classic version

Graphic representing the light produced by an Effi-FD as a function of the current received thanks to a AIC pin - Ideal for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-FD is powered by a 24V DC source.

Using the AIC pin, the luminous intensity can be increased linearly:
• 0V - OFF
• 24V - Full ON

- Option: Power Version -

Standard Version

Power Version ("S150")

logo infoIf Power version (only available in white), add -S150 at the end of the part number.
Use with a duty cycle ‹ 30% mandatory.

Part number: EFFI-FD-XXX-YYY-S150

- Available upon request -


Connector positions

Camera holes

For all other inquiries, please please contact EFFILUX.

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