EFFI-Line high power linear lighting

effi-line homogeneous and powerful linear led lighting for industrial vision and quality control

EFFI-Line is a LED line light that can be used in conjunction with line scan camera for short and long range line scan inspection applications..

The light is perfectly homogeneous and extremely powerful, making it the ideal product for linear inspection applications on reflective or transparent surfaces.

  • High power and homogeneity.
  • Integrated driver with AIC function which allows user to control the output power
  • Power increases by 300% automatically in overdrive mode (compared to continuous mode).
  • Robust design for inspection in rough environments.

User manual

- Technical specifications -

- Optical length -

XXX : optical length (mm) 100 200 300 400 500 In steps of 100 Max 2900*
Product lengths 132mm 232mm 332mm 432mm 532mm ... 2932mm

* In standard time. For any length beyond (Up to 6m): Contact Effilux

Part number : EFFI-LINE-XXX-...

- Available wavelengths -

Color UV Blue Green Red IR White
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 405 465 525 625 850 000

Part number : EFFI-LINE-XXX-ZZZ...

If RGB : please add-RGBin the part number

- Lens position -

Configuration 1 (standard)
Diagram representing the interior of an EFFI-Line showing the configuration and the position of the lenses in the lighting | In this example, the lens is in position 1.
Configuration 2
Diagram representing the interior of an EFFI-Line showing the internal configuration of the lighting as well as the position of the lenses | In this example, the lens is in position 2.

The EFFI-Line has two manually adjustable lens positions to change the emission angle.

Part number : EFFI-LINE-XXX-ZZZ-PP

logo infoThe default position is P1 if not specified.
EFFI-LINE comes with a transparent window and a default linescan (TR-LS)

- Drawings -

> CAD files

Optical length (mm) 100 200 300 400 500 600 ...
Product length (mm) 132 232 332 432 532 632 ...
CAD ...

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

- EFFI-Line -

Diagram detailing the various components and their dimensions of an EFFI-Line used for machine vision and quality control.

The EFFI-LINE is fitted with a T-NUT M6 groove on the back and two NUT M6 grooves on each side. Effilux offers compatible fixing accessories.

- Connectors -

The EFFI-Line is supplied directly with 24V DC via an RD24, or Jaeger, depending on the power consumption of the product. Attention, the AIC pin must be connected.

Pin number Cable number RD24 Jaeger cable color Designation
1 1 Brown +24V
2 2 Blue AIC: Analog intensity control
Max 24V DC
3 3 Black GND
4 Yellow / Green X n.a.

logo infoRefer to the technical sheet for details of the electrical consumption of each EFFI-Line.

- AIC control -

Graphic representing the light produced by an Effi-FLEX-BL as a function of the current received thanks to an AIC pin - Used for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-Line V2 is powered by a 24V DC source.

By using the DIM pin, the light intensity can be increased linearly:
• 0V - OFF
• 24V - Full ON

- Option: Power version -

Standard version

Power version ("PWR")

logo infoIf Power version, add -PWR in the reference.

The Power version has an active cooling system (fan)

Part number: EFFI-LINE-PWR

- Mechanical accessories -

- electronical accessories -

- On demand -

Multispectral version

Polarized version

Other positions of connector

For all other requests contact EFFILUX.

- Similar products -

- Similar products -

EFFI-Flex Linescan Linear in LED bar version.

FLEX-BL Backlight in LED bar version.