EFFI-Lase is a structured LED light. It projects powerful and very fine patterns such as: line, cross, clouds of points ...

Designed for 3D reconstruction, stereovision and alignment applications, EFFI-Lase is a real alternative to laser without its drawbacks.

EFFI-Lase is also available in a Power version for applications requiring more power.

effi-lase structured LED lighting pattern projector for 3D reconstruction, stereovision and alignment applications

- Build your part number -


- - CM - -
Electrical version C-mount Available wavelengths (nm) Type of mask
Available options Refer to the detailed information below for any specific reference (with options, customized, ...).

- Genaue Information -

- verfügbare Wellenlängen -

Farbe UV Blau Grün Rot IR Weiß
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
ZZZ : Wellenlänge (nm) 365 405 465 525 625 850 000

Bezeichnung :
Standard : EFFI-LASE-CM-ZZZ...
Power : EFFI-LASE-PWR-CM-ZZZ... (Power version: See part electronic )

- Patterns -

> 3D-Triangulation

MMM : Patterns Bezeichnung L01 L02 L03 L04 L05 L06 L07 L08 L09 L12 L13 L41
Number of lines 1 1 1 3 3 5 100 22 1 2 1 1 40
Line thickness(s) (µm) 50 20 10 50 50 50 45 50 5 50 50 250 75 45
Länge der Linie (mm) 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
Abstand zwischen Linien (µm) / / / 500 200 750 67,5 / 500 500

> Stereovision

MMM : Patterns Bezeichnung G01 G02 G03 G04 G05 C02 C03
Muster-Art Runde Runde Raster Raster Quadrate Wolke von Punkten Wolke von Punkten
Abmessungen Ø 50 µm Ø 50 µm 40*40 linien 50 µm 50*50 linien 50 µm Quadrate 50x50µm² Dichte 50% Dichte 17%
Patterns Fläche (mm²) 10x10 13x13 10x10 13x13 10x10 12,8x9,6 12,8x9,6
Abstand (µm) 50 50 50 50 100 / /

> Ausrichtung

MMM : Patterns Bezeichnung A01 A02 A03
Muster-Art überqueren konzentrische Kreise quadrat
Abmessungen 50µm 50µm 50µm
Länge (mm) 13 10

Bezeichnung :

logo infoThe EFFI-Lase and EFFI-Lase Power versions do not allow mask changes. The new version, EFFI-Lase V2 now allows this.

- C-mount objectives -

The EFFI-Lase is for use with a C-Mount projection lens (M25.4). This lens is not supplied with the projector. EFFILUX offers a wide range of lenses, for more information please refer to our page Lenses. Refer to the documentation to identify the size of the projected pattern depending on the chosen lens.

logo infoTo avoid any distortion effect, EFFILUX recommends using a 1" sensor lens for masks with rectangular patterns, such as point clouds. Sensor lenses 2/3" is recommended for other types of applications. Example of the main references adapted to EFFI-LASE:

> Part numbers 1"

EFFO-KW-6-F1.8-1"-HR-CM EFFO-KW-8-F1.4-1"-HR-CM EFFO-RC-12.5-F1.8-1"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-16-F1.4-1"-HR-CM EFFO-VS-25-F1.4-1"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-35-F1.4-1"-HR-CM EFFO-RC-50-F1.4-1"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-75-F1.8-1''-HR-CM
Focal distance (mm) 6 8 12.5 16 25 35 50 75
Aperture of the diaphragm F1.8 F1.4 F1.8 F1.4 F1.4 F1.4 F1.4 F1.8
Viewing angle (HxV) 96.8°x79.4° 79.4°x63° 55.5° 44.3°x33.6° 16.1° x 19.0° 20.9°x15.8° 14.4° 9.7° x 7.3°
Filter mount x M55 P=0.75 M40.5 P=0.5 M35.5 P=0.5 M27 P=0.5 M35.5 P=0.5 M46 P=0.75 M46 P=0.75

> Part Numbers 2/3"

EFFO-TM-6.5-F1.8-2/3"-HR-CM EFFO-VS-8-F1.3-2/3"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-12-F1.4-2/3''-HR-CM EFFO-VS-16-F1.4-2/3"-LR-CM EFFO-VS-25-F1.4-1"-LR-CM* EFFO-VS-35-F1.8-2/3"-LR-CM EFFO-VS-50-F1.8-2/3"-LR-CM EFFO-KW-75-F2.5-2/3"-HR-CM EFFO-KW-100-F2.8-2/3"-HR-CM
Focal distance (mm) 6.5 8 12 16 25 35 50 75 100
Aperture of the diaphragm F1.8 F1.3 F1.4 F1.4 F1.4 F1.8 F1.8 F2.5 F2.8
Viewing angle (HxV) 71.6° x 55.5° 49.0° x 57.2° 30.0° x 22.7° 24.6° x 28.9° 16.1° x 19.0° 11.7° x 13.8° 8.5° x 10.0° 6.7°x5.0° 5.0°× 3.8°
Filter mount M35.5 P=0.5 M25.5 P=0.5 M25.5 P=0.5 M27 P=0.5 M27 P=0.5 M27 P=0.5 M30.5 P=0.5 M34 P=0.5 M40.5 P=0.5

* For the 25mm focal length lens, Effilux recommends always using the reference 1".

Die Zeichnungen und das Gewicht der Produkte finden Sie auf der Seite mit den technischen Unterlagen.

Presentation of the two different EFFI-Lase of the EFFILUX range, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Lase-PWR are 2 products that could meet your needs in 3D projection.

logo infoOn the standard version: Four M4x0.7 holes can be used to fix the product.
On the power version: Two M4x0.7 holes and one M6x1 hole can be used to fix the product.

EFFI-Lase is easy to mount thanks to Effilux mounting accessories.

- Standard version and Power version -

Standard version

Power version

logo infoIf Power version, add -PWR in the reference.


Please note, the mechanical dimensions of the standard and power versions are not the same.

- Connectivity (Standard Version) -

The EFFI-Lase and EFFI-Lase Power are supplied directly with 24V DC via an M12 - 5 pins. Attention, the AIC pin must be connected.

Characteristics of the 5 pin M12 connector used to power the Effi-Lase for machine vision and quality control.
Pin number Designation Cable color
1 +24V Brown
2 N/A white
3 GND blue
4 AIC: Analogue intensity control black
5 N/A grey

- AIC control -

Graph representing the light produced by an Effi-BL as a function of the current received by thanks to a DIM pin - Used for machine vision and quality control.

EFFI-Lase is powered by a 24V DC source.
Using the AIC pin, the light intensity can be adjusted linearly:
• 0V – Full ON
• 5V-24V - OFF

- Option: Version -STR -

Characteristics of the 3-pin M18 connector used to power the Effi-Lase for machine vision and quality control.

Standard version: M12 connector - AIC (see previous part)
-STR expert version: M8 connector - direct control

Please refer to the datasheet for this specific mode of operation.

danger logo In expert mode, the LEDs are powered live, there is no protection. The maximum current defined in the documentation for a given frequency and pulse time cannot be exceeded.

Part numbers :

logo info A pulse controller can be used to power the EFFI-Lase version -STR. See pulse controller accessory EFFI-IPSC4.

- Optical accessories -

- Mechanische Zubehör -

- Electronic accessories -

- Available upon request -

Tailor-made mask

For all other inquiries, please contact EFFILUX.

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